Is the Money Going Where it is Most Needed?
Comparing Grantmaking to English Indices of Deprivation

How do we know which districts are in most need of grant money?

The Index of Multiple Deprivation tracks various local administration districts across 7 different themes:

Based on these 7 themes, districts across the UK are given scores. Each of the countries in the UK have a different scoring system and so cross-country comparisons cannot be made, for instance between a district in Scotland and a district in England. Because of that, we choose to only look at districts in England.

Breaking down the GrantNav data in the 7 themes

Using keyword seraches in the Title and Description fields on each of the 200,000+ grants on GrantNav, we can match the grant funding that is award to each theme. We then break the total amount awarded for each theme for each district in England.

What do we find?

We visualise the data using an interactive map and scatterplot. Ideally, the scatterplot should show a positive correlation between the amount of deprivation for each district and the total amount of grant funding awarded.

In most categories, there is a positive relation, but in the themes of "Education, Skills and Training" and "Barriers to Housing and Services", we can see that some of the disticts with higher levels of deprivation are not getting higher levels of funding then the less deprived districts.

To Interact with the Visualisation:

Click on each theme and hover your mouse over the map and dots.

All content and code is open source under Creative Commons 4.0. All the code is available on Github.

Created by Yan Naung Oak as a entry for the 360 Giving Data Visualisation Challenge.